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Our mission

To present the quality of services in international quality staments, connected with ethical values, to a wide range of society in economical conditions, with our specialist professional staff in our hospital, with the latest technological device and infrastructure

Our vision

To be a preferred healthcare institution that has been given a respectable reference in the health sector by constantly improving its health service and we are offering it in international quality standards with our qualified medical staff and ethical values.


24 hours a day without paying a medical consultation and consultation, information is available "Free Consultant Physician" service has put into service. With two fully equipped ambulances, emergency health problems were always on the side of the patient, while mobile health teams and health centers in collective places and preventive health services were realized.

During the 1999 earthquake episodes, Avcılar, the most affected district of Istanbul, carried out free health care and drug distribution activities with our ambulances and mobile health team. Avcılar Hospital, which is specialized in its fields with its experienced staff and high technology medical equipments, has become a crime not only of the people of the region but also of the people of Istanbul.

In order to respond to the increasing quality expectation in health services, the main medical branches served are hemodialysis, acupuncture, chest diseases, pediatric surgery, gastroenterology departments. When our hospital is unable to respond to increasing patient needs due to lack of physical space, from the 6th month of 2006, additional building constructions and renovation of the existing main building started. Our indoor area is 6,000 m2 to 11,000 m2; 67 patients were raised to 136 censuses. While the physics size, as well as the number of physicians, is increasing the variety of branches, technological investments are running at the fastest rate. At the PROBLEM SOLUTION CENTER, the Consulting Nurse and Public Relations unit has become a center where all kinds of medical and administrative problems are solved.

"Healthful Solution Address Avcılar Hospital"

Quality policy

  • To provide service focused on patient and employee satisfaction .
  • To continue their work as an institution providing services in accordance with international standards in the field of health, using the information and technology required by the times.
  • To promote and implement continuous education.
  • To follow the evidence and improve the processes with blood-based data tracing .
  • Maintain service understanding focused on patient and employee safety .
  • To be a pioneer institution to oversee patient rights and resolve complaints.
  • Aim to protect patient information confidentiality and privacy on every field .
  • To provide international quality service in compliance with ethical rules .
  • İncrease the environmental awareness of our employees.
  • To use hospital resources effectively and increase process efficiency .
  • To provide quality service to a wide range of society.

Baby Friendly Hospital

Friendly Breastfeeding and Baby Friendly Hospitals Program was initiated in 1991 to provide breastfeeding services to successful and established practices within the scope of the Ministry of Health's efforts to encourage the breastfeeding of mothers and to acquire knowledge and proper habits about breastfeeding.

From birth hospitals; Friendly hospitals that provide information about maternal breastfeeding and breastfeeding from their pregnancies and help them to breastfeed their mothers immediately after birth and help them to breastfeed their mothers and their mothers with updated information. In this context, our hospital has received the title of Baby Friendly Hospital in 2004.

Breastfeeding Policy:
1- Our Breastfeeding Policy is carried out in cooperation with the Gynecology and Obstetrics, Child Health and Disease departments of our hospital. Every health care provider regularly announces the importance of breastfeeding and maternity smoking every year.

2- A total of 18 hours of training are given to our health personnel working in the relevant departments, 15 hours theoretical and 3 hours practical. The relevant health personnel who have just started our institution are receiving this training within the first 6 months.

3- Our clinic has completed the 32nd week of pregnancy outpatient clinic for breastfeeding, and training is given to breastfeeding and breastfeeding.

4. Pregnant women and mothers giving birth are given brochures about breastfeeding.

5- It is taken into consideration that when the decision is made to use sedative analgesic or anesthetic during delivery in our hospital, the mother will nurse the baby in the first half after delivery.

6- Babies are found to have mental contact with their mothers, and if they are born by normal way or cesarean way to start their emmeye within the first half hour, they are immediately given to their mothers and mothers are helped by health personnel.

7- In our hospital, we do not give any food except breast milk within the first 6 months after birth and it is not recommended.

8- Mothers who give birth are helped by our health staff on how the breastfeeding will be and how to keep the tobacco secretion in cases where they are separated from their babies.

9- Babies are laid in the same room as their mothers so that they can be breastfed by their mothers in every day and night.

10- In our hospital, pregnant women and baby mothers are trained about the benefits of the first breast milk (colostrum).

11- Breastfeeding babies can not give anything like bottle, pseudo-breast (pacifier).

12- Pregnant women and baby mothers do not encounter plates, pictures, posters, posters, tools, brochures, etc., which will encourage the equivalent use of mother's milk with the brand of any product that is equivalent to mother's milk.

13- In our hospital, mother-of-pearl marketing staff do not make contact with pregnant women and their baby mothers.

14- Mother's milk is not encouraged to use a certain brand of product when it is necessary for medically necessary use.

15- Our healthcare staff do not accept the promotion of breastfeeding counterparts. In our hospital, samples of breast milk equivalent products are never received at promotions, donations or at low prices.

16- It is recommended that babies who are discharged from our hospital are taken to the Healthy Children's Policlinic, district health centers or mother-child health centers in order to follow them in line with their preferences within 15 days after birth.

17- Our hospital, which aims to be a "Baby Friendly Hospital", is open to cooperation so that all health institutions can be 'baby friendly'.

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