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Open Position

You can find out the open positions in our hospital from the following page and you can find them on the job application

Training and Development

Our trainings are divided into "Orientation Trainings, Intra-Institutional and Non-Institutional" groups.

Our colleagues who have just started our hospital; On the first day of general orientation and quality orientation training, after a one-day program in 20 subjects, including the introduction of the hospital, personal development and adjustment training.

Part orientation training is a process that continues until the end of the trial period, from the day when the new colleague starts to work.

In order to ensure that the health service delivery is at the highest level and to ensure its continuity, trainings and department-based development trainings are organized with the participation of all employees.

Participation in non-institutional domestic and international training takes place to support the development of our colleagues.

Career planning

We continue our journey in the health sector, which we started in 1998, with more dynamic and enthusiasm, with renewed and growing production.

Nearly all of our colleagues in the managerial position in our hospital came to the position with in-house promotion. Because of this, each of our colleagues works by knowing and promoting that they can be promoted depending on their performance.

In the absence of managerial position within the institution, our first preference is our internal dynamics, our colleagues, then the announcement and foreign dynamics candidates are searched.

Fees and Additional Facilities

Fee: Net fee is paid on a monthly basis. The wages of the employees in our hospital; The performances during the year are determined in the direction of wage bands that change depending on education, foreign language knowledge and experience. Our colleagues are supported by premiums in our busy periods.

Meals: Our hospital is provided with lunch service, evening meal for our shift workers and morning breakfast.

Private Health Insurance: For our colleagues, private health insurance that is available in our hospital is provided which meets monthly and inpatient treatment services. Our employees have the opportunity to be insured with special discounts for their families.

Workplace Physician: We have a workplace physician who is in charge of the treatment of illnesses and who intervenes in the discomforts of our colleagues.

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