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Written by article : Op. Dr. Adnan Karaoğlu

Article History : 01 October 2018

Temporary or permanent damage. Although sports injuries are very small and simple. Avcılar Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Department. Dr. Prof. Dr. Adnan Karaoğlu, MD.

Causes of Sports Injuries

The cause of sports injuries.

1) Personal reasons: Weak muscle and bone structure, anatomical disorder, previous diseases and diseases, psychological problems, age and gender, not knowing the rules of sports.

2) Environmental reasons: Non-compliance with bad rules.

What are Sports Injuries?

There are various injuries in the musculoskeletal system, especially in contact sports.

Muscle tendon injuries, muscle tendons ruptures, tendon ruptures, tendon ruptures, tendons ruptures, hamstring muscle tears behind the thighs

Ligament injuries: ligament injuries, ligament injuries, and ligament injuries.

Fractures and dislocations: Bands, Elbow Bones, Elbow Bones, Elbow Bones, Elbow Bones.

First Aid in Sports Injuries

First aid athlete in sportswear. First aid is usually carried out by people in the vicinity. Any athlete Otherwise, undesirable, poor results may develop. The injured athlete The injured area is being worked on. 15 minutes before direct contact with skin.
Ice cream can be used for 5-6 times a day. Compression or splint with bandage. Especially in lower extremity injuries.

After the first aid, the injured and the traumatologist. Findings such as pain, swelling, limitation of movement. Imaging For fractures and dislocations, direct radiography or computed tomography.

"Any athlete should be consciously approached."

Definitive Treatment of Sports Injuries

Conservative or surgical treatment.

Conservative treatment; limb, splint, circular plaster, orthosis and limb are taken from the appetite. Pain relief and edema relieving drugs.

Physical therapy; Muscle strengthening and movement-opening exercises. Surgical treatment.

Surgical treatment; Some sports injuries. Intra-articular injuries (meniscus injuries, cross-linkage, cartilage).

How to Prevent Sports Injuries?

Personal Precautions: Health care Information about the sport should be preferred. An average of 15 minutes.

Environmental Precautions: The area and the sports facilities are well maintained. Professional equipment Special equipment Sports.

What should be considered before starting sports?

Sports should be done. However, if we do not do it properly, we face disabilities. Looking for sports, warm-up and stretching movements

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